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Next Level Team

In 2023, we still have broken systems throughout the United States and the world that allows children to be raised in harsh environments and conditions. Whether that is the support system, housing system, educational system, or judicial system; we have failed so many children along the way. Our goal is to help build a better system for our youth by providing resources to broken communities.  

Films throughout time have always been used to show a story whether that was to teach, influence, or entertain their audience. Our journey started in 2019 by filming a documentary about Ted Ginn Sr. and the Glenville community, as we gathered content, we realized that packing 30 years of data into a 90-minute film would not do it justice. We decided this legacy is best to be seen as a multi-part docuseries, which we titled, "The Ville". 

As writers, the many stories that we uncovered left a desire to inspire a larger audience which led to our team creating a scripted TV Series concept, “The System & Us”, a Sports-Drama, about a high school coach that does whatever it takes to save his students' lives from the broken systems in the world. This series will show the grittiness of what really goes on in the classroom, household, and impoverished community, as the Coach develops college football superstars and professional athletes from the inner-city of Cleveland, OH.

  OUR GOAL is to get this TV SERIES greenlit so that we can bring a production project to Cleveland, OH that can bring long-term jobs and opportunities for years to come. Through collaborations with non-profits and organizations in Northeast Ohio, we will recruit, train, and hire production crew and talent to help create sustainable jobs in the economy. 


Signing this petition will show the Networks more social proof of our extended community support for this Concept to be streamed on TV.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and being active in your household & communities. It truly does take a Village for us all to grow to our fullest potential.

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